Ironically, our March meeting featuring Geoffrey Kashdan speaking on gun violence was cancelled due to police activity following a shooting. Geoffrey will speak at our April meeting. Click here for the event information

College juniors can get a summer job learning how to be a campaign organizer but you must apply by April 8th. Click here for details.

Also, please note:

1. Notice of Election of Board of Directors, including but not limited to officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian. This election will take place at the General Club Meeting on Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 7:00 pm at Pompey Park Recreation Center, 1101 NW 2nd St, Delray Beach, FL 3344. As Chair of the Nominating Committee, Bob Averack has a Preliminary Proposed Board of Directors, including officers, as follows:

President: Michael Cantwell

Vice President: Robert Averack

Secretary: Cheryl Perry

Treasurer: David Kulick

Parliamentarian: John Ramos

Director: Mary Fader

Director: Mariane Kulick

Director: Patricia O'Hearne

Director: Robert Resnick

2. Any Other Nominations

Anyone else wishing to be considered a member of the Board of Directors should immediately contact Bob Averack, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, by email,(, ) with a brief statement of identification, including name, address, telephone, why you wish to become a Board member and what prior experience, skills/strengths you feel you can bring to the Board of Directors.

The Deadline for such email submissions to Bob Averack is midnight, Wednesday March 27, 2019.

3. Current Bylaws. We propose amending the Bylaws, as directed by the Florida Democratic Party, by striking the word "physical" from Article XI Anti Discrimination. Paragraphs 1 and 2. Voting on these bylaws , as amended, will take place at the April 11, 2019 General Meeting. Click here to view the existing bylaws