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  • Gerrymandering Hurts – We Have to Fight Back
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    There are more registered Democrats than Republicans in Florida, but the Legislature is two-thirds Republican and only one-third Democrat. It is imperative that we pay attention to the candidates and […]
  • Body Count
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    The body count from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 was just under 3000 persons. If Republicans succeed in repealing the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), the body count is likely to be […]
  • A Slippery SlopeA Slippery Slope
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    In the midst of a dangerous period of American history, the McCarthy Era, young people, both those in high school and those in college, learned from our history and civics teachers to recognize the […]
  • Wealth Distribution In America
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    Few words in America are more feared than “wealth distribution,” other than perhaps “wealth redistribution.”  Mention either topic and the specter of Stalin is sure to be raised,  but how wealth is […]
  • The President's PicksThe President’s Picks
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      During the 2012 presidential campaign, Rick Perry was the one who said that he would eliminate three departments of government, all unnecessary. He remembered the first two but couldn’t […]
  • Let’s Get StartedLet’s Get Started
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    Democrats are accustomed to cleaning up Republican disasters. We should be, we’ve been doing it since the Great Depression. But now we are facing the gravest threat to the Republic since . . . Well, […]
  • GOP “Death Panels” Prepare an Unaffordable Care Act
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    During his confirmation hearings, Rep. Tom Price, subsequently confirmed as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, bragged that the Republican replacement for the Affordable Care […]
  • Why Third Parties Never Work in America
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    No third party movement has ever bumped one of the two major parties out of the running in a presidential election…but third parties can wreak havoc under the Electoral College system. Under […]