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Suggestions to Help

We could use your help to end the most awful Administration ever. Normally we'd be canvassing door to door but currently we can't do that so we're making phone calls, sending post cards, and writing letters.

For phone calls, we have what are called virtual phone banks. You'll get some training, you log into a website, get your first phone number, call that person, and record the result. No paper, no office, and you do it when you can and can stop any time. You work from a suggested script and are trying to get them to vote by mail but you may also need to tell them why it's so important to vote in any way possible. You can call strong Democrats down to Democratic leaning independents. You can also use a temporary phone number if you are uncomfortable with using your own number, but using your own number is best if possible since people may want to call you back for more information.

We welcome articles written for our Delray Democrat newsletter, but even better is writing to the local newspapers. One letter published in a newspaper will be read by thousands of people.

Just write about the latest outrage and send it off. Even if they don't print yours, they will often print one if they receive several on the same topic. Don't send letters as attachments since they won't open attachments, just send it as the body of the email. Click here to see letters that have been published.


For the Palm Beach Post, send email to The limit is 200 words and they may edit it but won't change the meaning. Include your name, address and daytime phone number although they will only print your name and town. Note that they usually do not let you know that they have printed your letter so keep an eye out and send it to us if they do.

For the Sun Sentinel, send to Their limit is 150 words but otherwise the instructions are the same as for the PBP.

Mailing post cards is another important job because we don't have everyone's phone number. We have prepared post cards and we can set you up with addresses and stamps. Of course we can print the addresses as well, but sometimes hand written cards get a better response. The return address is important because that's how we find out if people are no longer at that address. We can give you the return address of the Democratic office so those returned cards can be acted on.

There are other jobs to do, ranging from talking to your friends and neighbors to even becoming a precinct leader or more. Check the Palm Beach County Democratic Party site for current major events or contact us (use the online form) for local events, post cards, and virtual phone banks.

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