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Why VBM is important

Vote By Mail (VBM, formerly called absentee ballots) is a critical tool in our goal of winning Florida elections, particularly during the COVID pandemic when it may be dangerous to vote in person. All voters, whether they tend to vote in every primary and election or just in major elections, are more likely to cast a ballot if they can do so from their homes. Republicans in Florida have long used VBM to win elections although they are having trouble this year because Trump doesn't like people voting by mail. Trump claims to fear fraud but what he really fears is a large Democratic turnout.

VBM is every bit as secure as voting in person, and there are virtually no instances of election fraud tied to VBM. VBM is also free in Palm Beach County this year; just drop it in a mail box or bring it directly to the Supervisor of Elections office nearest to you. Scroll down this page to see the SOE office. locations.

It's simple to register for VBM. You authorize the Supervisor of Elections to send you VBM ballots either by phone (561) 656-6208, filling out a form, or registering online. A few weeks before the election a ballot arrives, you fill it out, sign and date the envelope, and send it back. You can keep track of whether it has been received and accepted online.

This link,, can be used to request a VBM ballot or check the status of your returned ballot.

If you sign up for VBM but decide to vote in person, that's not a problem, just bring your mail ballot with you for early voting or day of election voting and you can still vote in person. This way you have the option.

It is important that your signature matches the one on file with the Supervisor of Elections. In the event that the signature does not match, you will be notified and will have an opportunity to re-sign. Some people worry that their ballot may not be counted, but in fact VBM ballots are often counted first.

Signing up for VBM means that for the next two years you will receive mail ballots. But each time you vote, you can check a box to continue to vote by mail. Please always check that box so you can always vote easily from your own home.

It's important that your ballot arrive before the end of election day, so please vote at least a week prior to the voting day to give a chance for errors, such as a mismatched signature, to be corrected. Also, if you make a mistake on the ballot, do not cross out, request a replacement by calling (561) 656-6208 or bring the ballot to early voting or the day of the election.

Also, the scanning equipment prefers that people use black pens or at least dark blue ones since those are most easily read so try not to use something light.

If you would prefer printing out the VBM form and mailing it in, we have it below. You do not need your Voter Registration number; your name and date of birth are enough.

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