There is a great deal to do in readiness for the 2018 elections. This is a laundry list of committees we have formed and we hope you will join one.

Responsible to prepare the programs for the club meetings which take place on the third Tuesday of each month. We want to have interesting and varied programs which would be educational for our members and enjoyable to attend.

This committee is in charge of all computer output. This includes the Website, Facebook, Twitter and any other means of dispensing information. It is also responsible for managing our response and output to mainstream media, television, radio and print, what we think about the issues and what we are doing to affect the conversation.


is our brand new eight-page newsletter. We have an editor, and an editorial board. We need more writers because we need to have different points of view and different styles of writing to make the newsletter both interesting and educational. We plan on wide-spread distribution of the Newsletter, both online and in print form.  (Click here to download printable versions of the newsletter.)

The Outreach Committee is really where it’s at. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is the committee responsible for reaching the people of Delray Beach, either by phone, walking door to door, or by attending affairs where people gather.  We deal with everything but the media.

We have all the great technology but it’s not enough. It’s face to face and voice to voice that convinces people to vote and who to vote for. We need you to tell people why you are a Democrat, what you think about the issues. We will script phone messages (since many people don’t answer their phones) to point people to our website and the newsletter. Basically it is our job to make sure that the Democrats vote, that the independents hear what we have to say, and even some Republicans who might be sorry they voted the way they did.

There’s always need for this. We need money to cover printing and mailing costs, to cover the room rent for our meetings at Veteran’s Park. We’re not going to be getting any money from big corporations or PACs. Whatever we need, we’re going to have to raise ourselves. The committee itself can decide on what kind of fundraising to do. Cocktail parties are always fun. Everyone will have ideas to bring in. The candidates will come in with their campaigns and be collecting money for those campaigns, but the Democratic Clubs are the ground troops to build up the vote.

This committee is responsible for keeping up with what’s happening in the city – for following City Commission meetings and reporting back to the club on City Commission decisions. For further information please email.

This committee gathers information about the rallies, marches, demonstrations, phone calls to the politicians, and other events, puts that information on our website and contacts people to participate.